WE ARE THE Distributor of NEC Telephony Solution in Singapore

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One-Net Communications was founded in 2002. Our Founder and Co-Founder have been marketing NEC PABX Communications Systems since 1988 and have since built a wealth of experience on sales and engineering expertise, making us the right consultants for all your unified communications needs. We provide world class communications solutions and services to various companies and businesses including government sector. A dazzling array of new technology is available to streamline, enrich and enhance communications between your employees, customers, and partners. Unified Communications, IP Telephony, Mobility, Messaging Solutions, Video Conferencing, Server/Storage Solutions and many more, are now cost-effectively available for every organization of different sizes. We are a licensed and bonded ME04-C2 / Contract and certified on all our products.


Promote team cohesion for positive working environment- happy staffs mean happy customers.

A team of dedicated sales and support personnel to offer total integrated solution in both communications and IT integration.

Provide GREAT Customer Satisfaction & create Customer Experience.


One-Net is committed to deliver integrated solutions that meet and exceed your expectation.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you grow your business, to optimize your return of investment and to remain competitive in this communication world.

  • After so many changes in the industry, is still a NEC Company.
  • A leading global enterprise telephony solution provider, known for driving innovation
  • Empowering our customers through over 100 years of experience in IT and networking
  • Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products and solutions
  • Investing over 2,7 billion Euro in research and development every year
  • The only global company in the world’s top 5 in both computers and communications
  • A reliable, stable partner with the mission to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth
  • Stimulates and adheres to open standards, ensuring optimal flexibility
  • An evolutionary approach towards new technologies, protecting existing investments to the maximum
  • A user-centric approach, placing people at the centre when developing new applications and designing customised solutions
  • Products and solutions that are environmentally friendly and low in energy consumption
  • A front runner in mobile technology and solutions
  • Extensive experience and expertise in providing UC solutions, including advanced Microsoft® application integration.


In 2006, we were awarded the highest UNIVERGE GOLD Partner status for consecutive 7 years till 2013.

In 2011, we achieved the Outstanding Sales of NEC SL 1000 Communication System .

In 2012, we achieved the Outstanding Sales of NEC UNIVERGE Communication System .

In 2013, our status remains as Master Commercial Reseller for NEC UNIVERGE Communication Platform and Express 5800 Series Server .

In 2014, we were awarded the Best UNIVERGE Regional Award .

In 2015, we achieved both the Best Performance UNIVERGE and Best Performance Hospitality Awards .

For consecutive years since 2016, we have been awarded the Smart Hospitality Award, Best Performance UNIVERGE, Best Performance Hospitality and Sales Product Achiever Award.