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The heart of voice of your company’s telecommunication system is the telephone operator. Greeting, informing and connecting callers, handling messages, locating staff, dialing destinations, and welcoming visitors at the reception desk – the way the telephone operator performs this task can be essential on today’s business where providing information is crucial.


Hard – Console


nec-60-button-dss-console-phone-system (1)

Desk Console (SV93/SV95)

The SN716 Desk Console has an ergonomic design and provides full access to all PBX Console features.

Add-On Module (SV91/93/95)

By combining a DT430/DT830 IP/Digital telephone with 60 button direct selection / busy lamp field (DSS/BLF) programming line key, these key can program as direct selection keys, function keys or line keys.


Soft – Console

Business ConnecT (BCT) – Operator (SV91/93/95)

NEC 3in1 (Operator/Contact Centre/UC) PC base operator I/F through PABX using OAI, work parallel with Digital Or IP Telephone.

BCT Screen pciture


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