UC Platforms

OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) Communication Server

A flexible enterprise phone platform that delivers reliable, high quality digital age communications to grow your business.

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server Purple (OXE Purple) allows you to communicate with your teams and customers wherever you are. Every interaction can turn into a lasting relationship with OXE Purple by allowing communication from within your business applications.
Ensure your business continuity with the platform’s secure, high-availability technology. Plus, using a hybrid cloud, you can modernize your communications gradually.


  • Efficient call management including group calls, line supervision and call filtering
  • Hybrid connectivity: IP, SIP, WLAN, IP-DECT, DECT, digital, analog
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow for team collaboration and video conferencing
  • Unique number between ALE business phones, ALE mobile handsets, softphones (IP Desktop Softphone and ALE SoftPhone) or Rainbow application to communicate anywhere
  • Integration into SaaS applications to bring voice and collaboration
  • Contact centre with intelligent voice call routing and 360° view of omnichannel interactions with ALE Connect
  • Encryption of communications and hardened software against cyber attacks
  • High availability and scalability up to 15,000 users per instance
  • Virtualized multi-instance architecture for private cloud
  • Software update and monitoring from the cloud with ALE Cloud Connect

Tools for management with OmniVista 8770 NMS, automation, call routing and notification services

OXO Connect

OXO Connect is a new generation of robust, connected and converged communication platforms, entirely dedicated to small and medium businesses.

The OXO Connect platform is a hybrid model that’s ready for the cloud, and is at the heart of our feature-rich SMB offering that includes:

  • Scalable collaboration with Rainbow cloud service
  • A complete range of wireline and wireless phones
  • A range of desktop applications to increase productivity
  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anywhere, anytime
  • Customer welcome from simple voicemail to integrated call routing and professional greetings
  • Single network infrastructure for voice and data services

The cornerstone of ALE’s SMB offering, OXO Connect (formerly known as OmniPCX Office RCE) is easy to install, use and maintain. It meets all SMB communications needs, from 5 to 300 users.


  • Scalable hybrid cloud communications
  • Advanced business phones and enterprise-grade collaboration services
  • Hybrid analog, digital, IP, SIP endpoints and trunks (OXO Connect)
  • 100% IP Connectivity (OXO Connect Evolution)
  • Reliable solution including on-premise LAN, WLAN, phones and appliance connected to a cloud service


Secure, all-in-one cloud communication platform

Rainbow business communication solutions offer user friendly collaboration tools from voice to video, that connect people, machines, and processes.
Rainbow is an enterprise-grade, cloud communication platform fully developed in Europe with services delivered from secured data centres across the globe.

Depending on your needs, Rainbow can be deployed on-premises, hybrid or from the cloud. The open architecture and rich-telephony feature support allow for connecting your existing telephony system and integration of Rainbow into business processes and other SaaS solutions

Benefits of Rainbow

  1. Audio & Video Conferencing
    Create or join audio and video meetings with up to 120 participants and up to 12 simultaneous video streams.
  2. Rich-telephony capabilities
    Connect your existing on-premises telephony system or a cloud PBX with Rainbow.
  3. High Level Security
    ISO 27001 compliant and designed with product security features to help us prevent and detect security threats. Data privacy focused, following applicable laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Phones, softphones and devices

ALE phones offer connectivity to various devices, options and applications for a communication experience that meets your industry requirements.

Some of the most important communications you ever have with customers and employees will take place over the phone through reliable deskphones. These devices in your office can help ensure that these interactions are clear, uninterrupted, and productive.

Improve your business and operational performance with ALE DeskPhones. These reliable devices deliver superior sound quality, ensuring that you hear important details right the first time. The innovative, customizable design can satisfy all your user requirements, while rich feature sets satisfy all your business communication needs. With large screens and a variety of accessories, our deskphones make it just as easy to manage calls at home as in the office.

Discover the benefits of our various business phones designed for the digital age.


  • Optimised access to all ALE communications features
  • Touch screen or large display with LED buttons
  • 3D Symphonic HD super wideband sound
  • Cylindrical sound bar with 3D diffusion and up to 3 microphones
  • Elegant metal and textile casing with 4 interchangeable colours
  • Extensive connectivity: USB, WLAN, Bluetooth, IP, hybrid digital/IP
  • Secure remote working: VPN, SRTP
  • Accessories include: Alphabetic keypad, wireless handset, WLAN and Bluetooth module, colour display key module
  • Centralised management and deployment from the cloud




DECT Handsets

Front-line workers roam everywhere on your premises and keep business running. They must be able to connect to the rest of the organization easily and quickly while on the move.

Ensure a short response time for all front-line workers: ALE compact, rugged DECT handsets provide unmatched communication quality and availability anywhere on premises, even in challenging environments.


  • Compact models with excellent audio quality and Bluetooth headset support
  • Access to all ALE communication services
  • Handover and roaming using ALE TDM DECT and IP DECT base stations
  • Models with extra-large color screen, rugged design, sanitized coating and more