In today’s increasingly virtual world, the first interaction a customer has with your organisation is usually via the phone. Are you aware how quick your organisation is in responding to your customers? Or how knowledgeable your front-line staffs are in dealing with customer queries? Or just how your customer complaints are being dealt with? The way your organisation handles telephone calls plays a major role in determining the success and future of your organisation. To understand, monitor and effectively supervise your organisation’s interactions on phone, you need to implement a voice recording solution.

Salient Features

  • User-friendly browser interface with multiple access levels
  • Logs complete call details including caller/called id, date, time, duration etc.
  • Compatible with analog lines, digital trunks/ extensions, audio and VoIP lines
  • Simplified or advanced search and reporting capability
  • Real-time call snoop capability and call alert popups
  • Export call reports in HTML/Excel format
  • Backup to CD/DVD/hard disk or .zip files for later restoration
  • Automatic scheduled backup of recorded files
  • Low disk space notification and board failure alerts
  • Graphical charts for statistical analysis of calls
  • Call record commenting and custom tags creation for quick call record retrieval
  • SMDR integration for detailed call record analysis
  • Phonebook integration for informative call records
  • Audio compression capability to PCM/GSM formats
  • ActiveX based advanced audio player with AGC and DTMF mute capability
  • Export of audio files to MP3/PCM/GSM formats
  • Stereo audio logs for digital trunk, extension and VoIP calls