When businesses adapting to working from home, one of the main concerns is how to handle office telecoms to keep their phone systems and business operation as usual. In response, many organizations have opted for cloud PBX services so that they quickly have a business phone system up and running without having to maintain any on-site equipment.

The past month has seen a global surge in demand for cloud PBX services, which posed both opportunities and challenges for telecom resellers and service providers. There must be a lot of customers turning to you for a quick implementation of cloud-based phone systems. What if it is not part of your portfolio? We have an easy-to-start solution for you to fill the gap.

A Complete Solution to Jump Start Hosted PBX Business

Designed with a multi-instance infrastructure, Yeastar Cloud PBX Platform incorporates Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) and easy-to-deploy dedicated Cloud PBX instances for service providers to deliver hosted voice services and unified communications solutions. If you prefer to craft and launch your own cloud PBX service instead of reselling it from third-party providers, YMP works fine for you with fast time-to-market and reduced management complexity.

•  Create Cloud PBX instances and get your customers set up in minutes. It only takes minutes or even seconds to create a Cloud PBX instance on YMP, with the customized number of extensions and concurrent calls. The cloud-based phone system will be live immediately, and your customer can access and manage it right through the web, such as setting up custom prompts, implementing their own auto attendants, changing call routes, etc. With YMP, you can stay responsive to a wide range of customer needs with quick service deployment, which is especially important in such unprecedented moments.

•  Scale system capacity in response to fluctuating customer needs with just a few clicks. YMP provides on-demand scalability required by today’s dynamic business environment. You can free your customers from concerns on system capacity, as the number of users and concurrent calls of Cloud PBX instances created on YMP can be resized as needed, helping your craft flexible, future-proof solutions and pay-as-you-grow pricing for every type of business opportunity, whether there are a handful of customers or thousands.

What Yeastar Cloud PBX Has to Offer

Encompassing unified communications capabilities with advanced flexibility and reliability, Yeastar Cloud PBX is fully capable of addressing business communications needs and delivering extra values in respect of enhancing productivity.

•  Enabling employees to make and receive business calls on their extensions from home as if they were in the office. With the free Linkus Softphone installed on employees’ Android & iOS mobile phones and/or Windows & macOS desktops, turning personal devices into office extensions, employees will not only miss no calls from colleagues and customers but also have advanced call handling features at hand to improve efficiency.

•  Out-of-the-box solution with all-inclusive enterprise-grade business communication and UC features without license fees. Separate license fees for different features might reduce the agility in responding to ever-changing business needs. For Yeastar Cloud PBX, there are no extra charges or hidden fees for most features including IVR, conference, voicemail, chat, CRM integration, etc. Even in the free trial, you and your customers have access to the full feature set and complete freedom to test them out.

•  Simplifying the setup and management with plug-and-play interoperability. Yeastar Cloud PBX is interoperable with worldwide SIP trunks with pre-configured templates to simplify configuration. Connectivity with PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, ISDN BRI, and GSM/3G/4G are also supported via our VoIP Gateways. As for the SIP endpoints, you can provide a bunch of mainstream IP phones compatible with Yeastar Cloud PBX to your customers, and some Yealink, Fanvil, and Snom phone models can also be auto-provisioned in bulk.

•  Unifying your customers’ headquarters, branches, remote offices, and teleworkers within a single phone system. Yeastar Cloud PBX allows your customers who operate in multiple locations to connect geographically dispersed employees together and provide them the same features to communicate as if on the same floor. All location-to-location call is free, and it is rapid and seamless to transfer calls among locations. As remote working becoming the new norm, a multi-site friendly business phone system.

Flexible and Favorable Deployment Option & Pricing Model

It seems that many believe that introducing a new service into their portfolio is no small feat. It’s time to shift your mindset. With YMP, becoming a cloud PBX provider doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should it take a long time.

• Get started without preparing the server (turnkey solution): specially designed for those who are just about to dip a toe into cloud PBX service or do not want to commit that much time and financial resources at the beginning, YMP turnkey solution is an OpEx model without substantial upfront investment in infrastructure and the setup time, allowing you to sell the service right away.

• Bring your own infrastructure to hos YMP (BYOI solution): with this BYOI solution, YMP is based on your own server and you stay in complete control of the platform and hosting environment. You can either deploy YMP on public cloud service platforms such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud, or host it on your own data center (tier 3 or above) using VMware, KVW, or Hyper-V.

For either deployment plan, whether to charge your customers per-seat or on a concurrent call basis is totally up to you. You can create a subscription plan that works for you and your customers to achieve a higher return on investments and create a customized revenue stream.

We also provide co-branding option available to both solutions, with which you can customize cloud PBX instances in terms of the product name, logo, favicon, and welcome email template, so that you have more choices and flexibility on the go-to-market strategy, promoting your own brand while still leveraging the name and credibility of Yeastar.

Hit the Ground Up: Schedule a Free YMP Demo

As technology advances, legacy phone systems can no longer keep up with the requirements of modern businesses. VARs, MSPs, and IT solution providers can reach broader markets and expand their customer base with Cloud PBX service because of its advantages in functionality, scalability, and affordability.

YMP could be your start of building a roaring trade. Schedule a free demo here to have a closer look at it. Your account manager will walk you through the whole system and help you work out the ROI.

**Source from Yeastar Information Technology Co.,Ltd