Meeting rooms, desks, and visitors—all in one

Designed for modern offices and the future of work, Yeastar Workplace is a one-stop workplace management solution for businesses to make better use of workspace resources and create a hybrid workplace. Especially today, it helps establish a secure, flexible office environment that encourages employees to return, making every real estate dollar count.

Meeting Room
Booking System

Boost seamless in-person collaboration

Room Scheduling

Real-time Availability

Check-in & Auto Release

Room Amenities

Meeting Services

Desk Booking

Enable desk sharing & flexible seating

Book Desks in Advance

Interactive Floor Map

Colleagues Locator

Team Space

Hot Desking & Desk Hoteling

Visitor Management

Manage who is coming into your office

Visitor Pre-registration

Touchless Check-in

Host Notifications

Customizable Questionnaires

Visitor Logs

Booking, management, and analytics—all in one

Easy, straightforward, and friendly to both users and administrators.

Software, hardware, and integration—all in one

Besides the intuitive online booking platform, Yeastar Workplace also integrates additional hardware devices and 3rd-party systems to deliver an all-inclusive solution to go beyond average booking experience and serve different types of workplace management needs. With everything in place, your workplace is fully equipped to function optimally.



People Counting


Room Comfort


Desk Occupancy



Integrate with Your Existing Tools

Connect Yeastar Workplace to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace to enable seamless booking on your familiar apps and bi-directional schedules synchronization.

Yeastar Workplace

One simple, integrated platform for all your workplace management: meeting rooms, desks, and visitors. All in one and one for all.

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Meeting Room Booking

Book rooms with real-time insights on availability, amenities, and more, avoiding all hassles.

Desk Booking

Enable easy, on-the-fly desk booking and bring teams together when in-office.

Visitor Management

Make hosting visitors seamless while ensuring your office visitors have the best experience.

Make meeting room booking a breeze, today

From collaboration space to personal work zone and visitor traffic, start in minutes with one integrated workplace platform for managing meeting rooms, desks, and visitors.