A Solution to Tackle Them All

Double Bookings

Ghost Meetings

Stolen Rooms

Requirement Mismatch

Complicated Booking Process

Lack of Equipment

Interrupted Meetings

Room-by-room Search

Administrative Costs

Room Squatting

Book rooms through a
straightforward online platform

  • Get a bird’s eye view

    See all rooms and bookings in one place through different calendar viewing options or an interactive real-time map.

  • Locate available rooms

    Filter by location, seating capacity, and amenities to find an available room that best suits your schedule and needs.

  • Book and notify attendees

    Click to make a reservation directly for one-time or recurring use. Add meeting participants to notify them by email.

Book rooms from your familiar interface

  • Connect to Microsoft Teams

    Add Yeastar Workplace as a Teams tab for seamless in-app booking. Create Teams meeting links upon room scheduling.

  • Connect to calendar apps

    No more switching back & forth, create a schedule and pick a preferred room from a single point of entry.

  • Sync schedules both ways

    Have meeting schedules & changes updated automatically across all platforms and every participants.

Spot opportunities to optimize your meeting space

Gain actionable insights on how your meeting space is used. Make data-driven decisions about the number, capacity, layout of meeting rooms. Quickly respond to changes in headcount and predict future demands.

Track and measure essential space usage metrics and trends:

Total meetings

Recaptured hours

Meeting type

Meeting density

Room utilization rate

And more

Book on the spot with at-a-glance visibility

  • See real-time room availability

    Tell the room status with distinguishable multi-colored LED indicators of the room displays mounted outside every room.

  • Tap to book, check-in, and end

    Book a room instantly for impromptu meetings, check-in to confirm your reservation, and end it upon departure.

  • Impress your employees and visitors

    Add your logo and customize background images, theme colors, etc. to make it fit perfectly into your office décor

Create an Automated Smart Collaboration Space

  • Collect accurate people count data

    The People Counting Sensor detects an area of up to 48 m2 with 95% accuracy. It is 100% anonymous with no image captured.

  • Auto-release vacant rooms

    Automatically identify booked yet abandoned and early-ended meetings and free them up for others to book.

  • Ensure optimum indoor comfort

    The Room Comfort Sensor measures a list of environmental data and displays them on the E-ink screen with emoticons.

Keep Features to Streamline Meeting Room Booking

Efficient Online Booking

See all meeting rooms and reservations in one place. Quickly find and book available rooms with filter-search and favorite marks.

Check-in & Auto-release

Require check-in and out to confirm and cancel reservations. Increase utilization with sensor-triggered auto-release.

Central Management

Coordinate space, amenities, and schedules with custom control. Set up 10+ notifications to keep everyone properly informed.

Interactive Floor Map

Create an interactive, searchable, and bookable office map to allow for more intuitive bookings right on it.

Meeting Approval

Apply approval process control for request-only rooms to put a designated admin on top of all schedules.

Meeting Service

Directly send service requests for sanitation, catering, etc. to related personnel to enhance the meeting experience.

Analytics & Data Export

Consolidate data and trends in one place for better visualization and reporting. Export historical data for future analysis.

Yeastar Workplace

One simple, integrated platform for all your workplace management: meeting rooms, desks, and visitors. All in one and one for all.

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Meeting Room Booking

Book rooms with real-time insights on availability, amenities, and more, avoiding all hassles.

Desk Booking

Enable easy, on-the-fly desk booking and bring teams together when in-office.

Visitor Management

Make hosting visitors seamless while ensuring your office visitors have the best experience.

Make meeting room booking a breeze, today

From collaboration space to personal work zone and visitor traffic, start in minutes with one integrated workplace platform for managing meeting rooms, desks, and visitors.