Storied communications brand strives to meet customers who are on the migration path.

“It’s a hybrid setting,” said Martin Bitzinger of Mitel. “Some portions are going to be delivered out of the cloud. Other portions are maybe delivered out of some sort of private cloud that could have data sovereignty reasons, that could have security reasons, that could have performance reasons in terms of how real-time requirements, especially with AI entering the picture, there are fundamental requirements …, or there could be cost reasons as well in many cases where it might be fundamentally cheaper to do things, one way versus the other.

In late April, Mitel unveiled a portfolio strategy emphasizing hybrid, vertically integrated, and multimodal solutions.

In this podcast, Martin outlines Mitel’s view of how to best serve today’s enterprise. We demystify cloud communications and discuss digital transformation in practical terms. One of the big takeaways is the acknowledgment of how different verticals will need different solution sets. A big focus is on frontline workers, almost half the workforce and the people everyone depends on for food, hospitals, education, first responders, basic industries, and much more. We learn about Multimodal Capabilities for Frontline Workers.